Why Do You Need Replacement Windows?

A replacement window is a common term for any new window put in place to improve the efficiency of an existing window. This can be done by replacing an old, damaged, drafty or inefficient window with a new one that is better.

Over time, windows can become outdated and it’s difficult to keep them looking new, so many people will just undertake a window installation project as soon as they have enough money to do it.

Energy efficiency is one of the biggest drivers for new windows in homes across the UK. Statistics show that up to a quarter of the energy bill of a typical home is lost through poorly insulated or drafty windows. It’s an easy upgrade that takes little time and can add years to the life of a home.

Besides energy bills, old and faulty windows not only affect the aesthetic value of your home but also cost you a lot on maintenance. It’s precisely because of this, you should consider replacing them with new ones.

How important is window security?

Quite simply, very. The windows of most properties are one of the easiest entry points for a would-be burglar. Any well-constructed window is fairly secure, but older windows can deteriorate and become vulnerable to entry. Criminals will target windows because it can be easier to gain access that way than by forcing their way through a door or wall.

It may seem simple, but keeping your window and door security is essential. In fact, it’s so important that you should be considering the safety of your home when buying a new one. With high-tech security options available for your windows and doors, keeping out unwanted visitors has never been easier.

Window locks need not be complicated or expensive and should always be installed with some form of secondary barrier such as burglar bars or shutters to keep intruders at bay.

Are new windows a good investment?

If you are interested in getting the most value for your home, one of the best things that you can do is replace old windows.

A well-maintained window will add to the value of your property. With old windows, you’re likely to face annual energy bills that are twice or even three times as much as those with new ones. But if you do a decent amount of research into new glass and frames, it’s possible to get lower bills than ever before.

In the past, traditional windows have been notorious for letting cold air in, or even heat escape through them. Modern windows, however, are made to be energy efficient and help to improve your home’s ambiance. They can also greatly decrease your heating and cooling costs year-round. The energy-efficient properties of a new window also means it will make your home more comfortable.

Picking out the right window is less about style and more about understanding how the different components of window construction affect your home.

What are the Signs That Your Windows Need Replacing?

There are a few reasons why you might want to consider replacing some older windows that you have in your home. At the first sign of a crack or leak, you should contact a handyman. This is definitely not something that you should try and fix yourself, because using improper materials could make the situation worse.

It’s always recommended that any work involving window repair or replacement be done by a professional who is specifically trained and certified for that purpose.

Here are some signs that you need new windows;

Poor soundproofing

Noise can be a nuisance, but it can also be cause for concern. In some cases it can even mean that you need to replace a window. Window soundproofing can reduce exterior window noise in your home, office or building. It’s inexpensive and best done when new windows are installed.

Draughts and condensation between cracked glass

Damp, draughts, condensation and mould are so common that we have come to accept them as part of life. But if you suffer from condensation stains on the walls, peeling wallpaper or mould, draughty windows could be the culprit.

During winter the cold air leaks in through gaps around doors, windows and seals. The draughts also blow heat from radiators straight out of your home, taking it with them. This leads to higher heating bills, colder rooms (and toes) and more ways for the damp to get in.

Damaged frames

Window frames often get damaged as a result of the daily use they are subjected to; if your windows are rattling, creaking or sticking it might be time for a new one.

Difficulty opening, closing and locking windows

A new window should last for around 20 years. However, over time windows will need to be replaced, especially if they have been badly treated and are in cold or damp conditions. In these instances, it’s possible that the locking or closing mechanisms on your windows may not work as effectively as they used to, causing difficulty when opening and closing them.

If your window gives you difficulty opening or closing, or you’re locking yourself out with the key, it might be time to replace it.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing New Windows?

Quality over price

The pressure for homeowners to insulate and meet code restrictions has created a demand for products that meet those requirements. The result has been a market inundated with mediocre products, at low prices. Demand quality over price when considering a replacement window.

A cheap window doesn’t mean you’re saving money in the long run. Low-cost windows are prone to leaks, dents and a shorter lifespan than high-quality products.

Frame Materials

There are many different types of material used to construct a replacement window. Two main styles of window construction are timber and aluminium, and each offer their own advantages. Timber-framed windows have more warmth, an earthy feel and natural appeal but they do require maintenance. Aluminium windows are the perfect choice for modern living with all the benefits of security, cost-efficiency and long-term performance.


The choice of window colour is an important design feature and often makes the difference between a window that blends in or one that really stands out. Your choice of colour will also add to the style of your home, making it unique to you. So whether it’s a subtle, natural effect or bold and vibrant, we have a wide selection of colours to choose from.

Decorative Additions

The decorative additions for a replacement window are the things that make it special and give it character. The exterior design of your home can be improved by adding decorative features to a replacement window.

Some have special features that enhance their appearance and others offer particular advantages such as enhanced security or increased heating efficiency. But there’s no single replacement window that does everything. The key to choosing the right replacement window is to first understand your home’s current features and needs then identify those replacement window features you want most in order to get the best looking, performing and lasting results.

Glazing Options

Glazing is an important factor in determining the energy efficiency of your replacement window. It is the material between the double glazing units that allows heat to be transferred between the two panes. The energy efficiency of your replacement window depends on the thickness, type and quality of this glazing.

There are two main types of glazing for replacement windows, either double glazed or triple glazed, depending on thickness of glass.

  1. Double Glazed windows are high performance windows with two or more panes of glass (with air bubbles sandwiched between the panes). They insulate well, are easy to clean and give added resistance against noise and cold. The multiple layers of glass also make a good burglary deterrent.
  2. Triple-glazed windows have three panes of glass for extra insulation and seal. This is useful to keep out cold and heat. The third pane provides further thermal resistance by either air or gas filling, to keep the warm inside and outside air separated.

Making the Right Choice – How Do You Know If A Window Company is Any Good?

When choosing a window company make sure they’re reputable. It’s an important choice. You sign on the dotted line and will be looking out at your windows for years to come. So how do you know the difference between a smart purchase and a rip-off? It’s not always easy but there are some things to watch out for.

In a world of faux-new, there are many things to look out for in a window company and window buyers are more often than not, suffering from incomplete or incorrect information being presented to them. When buying windows, you should always look beyond the window manufacturer’s promotional material and see if their products deliver on the claims

Aside from making sure you get a high quality product, there’s a few other things to consider when picking out your windows. Is the company well-known and have they been operating for a long time? Maybe they offer some warranties on their products? The guarantee will tell you what happens if the products aren’t up to scratch.

Make sure that your windows are of exact size and double check the measurements before installation if possible. Get a written quote to make sure there are no hidden charges. Check what material your window frames are made of and make sure they match your home’s design features. Finally, find out the life expectancy of your new windows and the cost of replacing them after 10/15/25 years when installing them.


Think about your home’s performance when deciding on your next set of windows. Whether it’s reducing noise, blustering wind or the rays of the sun, there may be special requirements that only specific features can provide.