New Sash Windows in Brighton, East Sussex

Sash windows are a distinctive feature of traditional British domestic architecture, and the familiar sight can be found on most older homes in the UK. Sash windows have two separate wooden frames that are linked by a gliding mechanism. These frames are known as sashes, to which both panes of glass sit inside. Their defining characteristic is their structure, which only allows them to slide up and down, and never sideways as modern double-glazed windows do. Ultimately, sash windows are the right windows if you are looking for the perfect combination of authentic old world charm and modern benefits.

If you’re looking to get new sash windows installed into your property? You’ve come to the right place.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are local, professional sash window specialists in Brighton. We ensure that all our customers receive first-class service from the start, through to the completion of the project. With Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton you can be sure that your new sash windows will be in perfect working order and fully operate how you want them.

Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, you are assured of high quality service. We always work in line with the highest industry standards and offer a 10-year guarantee on all products and works carried out by our team.

If you have any questions about our work or would like a free quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our representatives today on 01273 257 597.

Our Guarantee

  • Unrivalled Expertise in Door & Window Glazing
  • Industry-approved Door & Window Glazing
  • High-quality Door & Window Glazing
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Checkatrade Registered
  • Homepro Insured
  • CERTAS Guarantee

What Are The Types of New Sash Windows We Install?

uPVC Sash Windows

Our locally installed uPVC sash windows are made to a demanding specification and our windows have a 10-year guarantee. We also use top quality soft close hinges, making our products comfortable and incredibly easy to work with. You can choose between single hung or double hung styles for your new uPVC sash windows.

Timber Sash Windows

Timber Sash Windows are the perfect complement to any period property or style. Our specialist fitters have a wealth of experience with this material and will ensure that your timber windows are hard-wearing and require minimum maintenance. Our timber sash windows come in a wide range of colours and sizes, so we’re sure to have the perfect window for your home.

Box Sash Windows

Box Sash Windows are a traditional style of window that has been around for decades. This type of window is the perfect choice for giving your property a traditional look. If you want to update your windows, but don’t want to completely lose their original character, then these are the ideal solution for you.

Spring Balanced Sash Windows

The spring balanced sash window is among the most popular of the sash windows. It allows for the easiest opening and closing while also ensuring against any uneven pressure on your glass panes should you have uneven walls in your property.

One of the most popular sash window types for many years, the spring-balanced sash is a traditional feature in period properties and semi-modern homes alike.

They offer ease of operation, are simple to construct, durable, and provide a professional finish every time.

Legacy Sash Windows

Legacy sash windows are made from high quality oak, which gives them a classically distinguished look that blends well with most home décor. These external frame windows are available in numerous window dimensions and can be installed within various frames, including glazing bars, casement frames, and side-hung or top-hung designs.

The main advantage of Legacy sash windows is their flexibility. With our sash window specialists, you can choose between a range of colors for the window frame – we offer soft grey, hardwood brown, and pure white on sash window frames as standard.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian sash windows are without a doubt, the most common type of sash window in Britain today. These stylish, elegant windows have proved to be one of the most durable and cost effective types of windows available to this very day.

Homeowners love them for their beauty, while the vintage look they add to any property needs no exaggeration. The classic Georgian window is one of today’s top selling styles of the sash window.

The elegant sashes are supported by slender brass pull ropes and operate effortlessly. Georgian sash windows are popular because they add character to any property, and are also very practical.

Our New Georgian Windows include original features that allow the windows to be closed tight but still allow sufficient flow of air through your home.

Victorian Sash Windows

Victorian sash windows are an elegant and traditional style of windows that create a stylish feature in any period property. These beautiful windows date back to Victorian times and have been used in many houses, flats, and other buildings throughout the years.

Our Victorian Sash Windows are renowned for their solid look and robust design. They’re constructed from high-quality materials, which means they last for years and often form part of a period property’s architecture.

We offer a full New Victorian sash window installation service for your property with all necessary work completed by our expert skilled craftsman.

Edwardian Sash Windows

Edwardian sash windows are one of the most popular types of windows found in a lot of period homes. They are extremely versatile and have been around for centuries, helping people to keep their homes as warm and secure as possible. They offer excellent thermal efficiency and also lend an old world charm to your property.

Edwardian sash windows provide a very traditional look, which is why they are one of the most popular types of windows within our business!

Horizontally Sliding Sash Windows

Horizontally sliding sash windows are a modern sash window option that can still offer you a great heritage look and feel. Unlike their traditional forerunner, vertically sliding sash windows, they’re weatherproof and won’t let the wind or rain through any longer.

Due to being so weathertight, horizontal sashes are ideal for those living in regions with wetter climates or who just want to keep their property protected from the elements.

Venetian Sash Windows

Our Venetian sash windows offer a decorative and durable option for your home. With the same characteristics of a traditional sash, our stunning selection of Venetian window designs can be specifically tailored to create exclusive patterns and textures.

The beauty of venetian sash window style lies in its simplicity, as it is a popular choice amongst homeowners largely due to its modern aesthetic.

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Hidden Spring Sash Windows

The Hidden Spring is a high security sash window with a reversible sash spring that allows you to stay secure and escape through the same window in emergency situations such as fires. The Hidden Spring enhances how secure your home is while preserving its individual elegance.

They are made from the best components and come in a sizable variety of colours and many types of glazing options. These windows give you both elegance and style at the same time. They go well with any decor, be it classic or modern.

Traditional Sliding Sash

A traditional sliding sash window is a stylish addition to any property. When they’re fitted by the experts at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, you can be guaranteed they will be secure and well protected. Traditional sashes come in timber or PVC frames, and we can also design, build, and fit metal sash windows to give your property an extra contemporary look.

Bespoke Sash Windows

There are many different types of Bespoke Sash Windows available, all tailored to suit the individual needs of each customer. We supply and install different types of the sash window to the standards expected in modern day homes.

In addition, you can order double glazed sash windows with obscure glass to block out external sounds and brighten up your home.

No matter the type and style of sash window you need, we have got you covered. Contact us to get started on your New Sash Windows Installation project today! Call 01273 257 597 for a quick response.

What Are The Benefits of Our New Sash Windows?

10 Year Guarantee

We are proud to offer a 10-year guarantee for all of our new sash windows. All of the main components of our windows are manufactured in the UK, and as such we know that they’re made using the highest quality materials, by professional craftsmen to ensure enduring beauty and quality.


Our new sash windows will provide optimum security for your home. In addition to ordinary locking mechanisms, our proprietary security system can be retro-fitted to most of our windows.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Our sash windows are crafted to be energy efficient and insulate all year round for long life. The new sash windows are made from a range of energy saving materials and as such can help you save a considerable amount on heating bills.

Low Maintenance

Our sash windows are made of high quality material that guarantees durability. They are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, the sash cord is located in its own compartment and rarely requires maintenance, as it is protected against dirt and dust.

Functional Tilt Function

Our sash windows have a tilt function, which means you can raise or lower the windows from the inside of the property easily. This is particularly useful when you want to close all the windows in one go and also open them up again.

Extensive Colour Options

We also offer a full-colour range of frames including silver, black, and gold which can be combined with the various colours of lead to allow any vibrant colour scheme to be created. We can also advise on what colours will best complement your house.

Superior Sound Insulation

Our new Sash windows have high-quality air and soundproofing insulation. This helps absorb the external noise and lets you enjoy a more peaceful surrounding environment in your home.

Fully Bespoke

As a specialist sash window company, our bespoke sash windows are designed to meet your specific requirements. This includes combining different decorative features from across our full range of designs into one unique window solution.

Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton For Your New Sash Windows?

Flexible Finance Options

We offer flexible finance options to suit individuals, landlords, and businesses. Whether buying new or upgrading your existing windows over a period of time, we may be able to provide you with a flexible finance agreement that will allow you to make your purchase.

Quality services

Buying a product is one thing; getting value for your money in the process, is another. When you choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton for your new sash windows, you’re guaranteed only the best services as we make sure to get the job done in time and do it in a manner that doesn’t leave a single thread intact or value underestimated.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton believes in going the extra mile to ensure every project goes smoothly. From start to finish, our qualified engineers and technicians are there to provide a professional service.

Excellent customer services

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are known for reliability, quality, and value. All through the project you will receive the highest level of customer care.

What is more, we have a great understanding and knowledge of the windows industry which means that when it comes to replacing your old or damaged sash windows with something new, expect nothing but excellence.

Free Customer Quotation

If you are looking for new sash windows, you are on the right page. A sash window is just one of the features that can really focus on the look and feel of your home. So all our new sashes are created from modern thermally improved wood, along with a choice of timber or white paint interior frames. We offer Free Quotes, No Call Out Charge, and we have a No Obligation Approach. What more would you want!?

Sash Windows Design Which Is Eco Friendly

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we take pride in creating sash window designs that are not just perfect for your home but also eco- friendly. Whether you need a new design to increase the security of your house or to revitalise the aesthetic, we have got all you need to make the most of your sash windows.

Sash windows warranty and guarantee

A sure way to buy a product with great peace of mind is to get it from a company that is really dedicated to making sure you get what you pay for. With all our sash windows being of the highest quality, we also provide our customers with a full 10-year warranty. This means you will be able to enjoy the best looking Victorian-style double glazing without having to worry if it will last.

Approved By Checkatrade and FENSA

If you want to improve the look and value of your home, installing sash windows is a popular choice. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton provide customers in Brighton with bespoke sash windows through our vintage style range and are proud to be both Checkatrade and FENSA approved.

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Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are sash window specialists. Sash windows create a more traditional and stylish look which is perfect for your classic home. We have carried out hundreds of projects across Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas, whether yours is a new build or renovation, our expert sash fitters can help you achieve the perfect finish. To see some of the outstanding jobs we have done, please visit our photo gallery.

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Buy your new sash windows from Brighton Sash Windows for their simplicity and elegance. Take comfort in a range of window choices all made to current standards and designed to enhance your home. With a huge range of styles, colours and functions available, gentle draught proofing as well as noise reduction, our new sash windows are versatile to say the least.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to supervise/be at home when the work takes place?

No, you do not need to be at home when your windows are being replaced. In fact, it is best if they are not in the way. We have been installing new windows for over a decade so we have plenty of experience in making sure that the work is completed successfully without any issue

Do we need to remove curtains/blinds / furniture?

Yes, all curtains, blinds, and furniture must be removed from the home so that our team can complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Can you soundproof sash windows?

Yes, we can upgrade your current sash windows with dual-glazed glass or secondary double glazed glass to reduce noise in the home. We will also replace or repair loose sashes and putty and caulk seals to ensure maximum soundproofing.

How much does it cost to replTrade Timber Windows and Doors?

There is no single answer to this question as a whole host of factors determines the cost and can vary from place to place. Cost is often measured on the basis of the size and design complexity of your new sash windows. 

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