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Ace Sash Window Brighton is a professional company that provides sash window renovation services to residential and commercial property owners in Brighton.

Ace Sash Window Brighton can help you revamp your dilapidated sash windows; we provide only the finest in window renovation solutions. We are one of the best in Brighton with highly trained & experienced sash renovators that can transform any old sash windows. We help you rediscover the beauty of your sash windows with our renovation services.

Our trusted services ensure optimum performance for your sash windows. We guarantee a superior and long lasting result.

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What is Involved in Sash Window Renovation?

Sash window renovation is a cost-effective way of improving the look, security, and energy efficiency of your sash windows. Sash window renovation can be a big project, and in most cases, involve the renovation of all sashes and their parts. It essentially involves repairing and restoring the sash mechanism, replacement of rotten woodwork and frames, cleaning the sash frame and reglazing.

Our sash window renovation services are designed to return your windows to their original glory in a timely and high quality manner.

When Should You Consider Renovating Your Sash Windows?

Your Sash Windows are Broken or Damaged

When your sash windows are damaged beyond repair, you have no choice other than to replace them. However, when you have functional units in good condition, then you might consider renovating them instead. This can be less expensive than replacement and offers the additional benefit of increasing energy efficiency through improvements such as insulated glass units.

You’re Upgrading Your Home

Sash windows are superb in design, but after years of neglect and changes to the construction of a property, they can look out of place. This is where sash window renovation comes into play. Renovating your sash windows will give you back the traditional appearance of your home while maintaining their original purpose; a secure way to let light into your home.

When your windows are no longer functioning properly

You should renovate your sash windows if they are no longer working properly. This might include replacing broken parts, repainting, or simply giving the frames a new paint job.

You could also opt to replace your windows with modern energy efficient ones, this will help improve the value of your house and save you money on energy bills.

Our Guarantee

  • Unrivalled Expertise in Door & Window Glazing
  • Industry-approved Door & Window Glazing
  • High-quality Door & Window Glazing
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Checkatrade Registered
  • Homepro Insured
  • CERTAS Guarantee

When you are having problems with noise in your home

If you live in an environment where there is much traffic, your sash windows provide the best protection against noise pollution. The noise you hear at night can be attributable to your windows not closing properly or leaks in the window. This means that you need to solve problems of outdated glazing, rattles and draughts. Consult our window cleaning professional to have your windows washed and repaired.

Benefits of Renovating Your Sash Window

There are many benefits to renovating your sash windows, including the advantage of boosting the value of your property. Some of the benefits to look out for include:

Improved Home Appearance

A great way to update the look of your home is to renovate your old sash windows. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Window Brighton can help you revive the style of your home with a beautiful, traditional design that is truly stunning. We can transform an outdated sash window into a beautiful focal point for your property.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Sash window renovations can also help reduce heat loss in the summer. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton will ensure your sash windows are exceptionally energy efficient. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Window Renovations will dramatically improve the flow of heat, and air through your home or business.

Increased Window Security

All of our sash window renovation security products have been designed and built to the highest standard. Sash windows renovation are an ideal way of improving your home’s general security while still retaining the authenticity of your sash windows.

Boost the value of your property

Renovating your sash windows will do more than make your home attractive, it can also boost the value of your Brighton property. In fact, one of the reasons why sash windows can add value to your home is because of their stunning appearances. Sash windows contribute to a distinctive and fascinating building style. They are attractive features that offer the product value only because people want to have them in their home.

If you like to enjoy these benefits, the quickest way is to call 01273 257 597 to speak to one of our experts.

Our Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Window Brighton Renovation Services

How do we renovate sash windows?

Work involved in sash window renovation varies according to the particular requirements of the client. Typical work includes removing the existing sashes and frames, cleaning and conservation treatment of existing timber components, measuring up the new frames and installing them in recesses in the brickwork, making the brickwork setting, setting new mullions and re-installing the sashes.

To begin the process of sash window renovation, we first complete a survey to determine if the sash windows can be renovated. This information is analysed, and a quote for your project will be provided.

To get started, please call 01273 257 597 to request a free site visit or a free, no-obligation quote.

Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton for your sash windows renovation?

Team of Professionals

Our Sash Window Replacement Brighton service offers quality professionals at reasonable rates, reliable customer service and 100% guarantees on all sash windows renovation work. You can give us a try with the confidence that we will always deliver.

Many years of Experience

Trade Timber Windows and Doors has been one of the leading sash window renovation companies in Brighton. As one of the leading sash window renovators, our team has the best skills thus we are able to take care of all old sash windows by offering a rapid and professional service. Hundreds of satisfied customers can testify to our decades of experience in the industry.

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Competitive Prices and Guarantee

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is a provider of high quality and cost effective traditional sash window renovation services. We provide a ten-year written guarantee for all window types and are sure to do an excellent job with your replacement windows. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of our affordable prices when it’s time to renovate your sash windows.

10-year Guarantee

All sash window renovations come complete with a 10-year guarantee. If you are considering renovating your sash windows, make sure the final quality and guarantee will not be compromised.. If you’re not satisfied with our workmanship, just let us know and we’ll come back and make it right.

Friendly Customer Service

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton guarantees you a friendly service. We will go out of our way to find the best solution for your needs. We are known for listening to our customers and are proud of our reputation in Brighton for top-notch quality service. Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton offers an unmatched service when it comes to response time, reliability and attention to detail. You can count on us.


As one of the top sash windows renovation experts in the area, we take pride in the work we do. If you would like to see examples of the work we have done in the past, please view our gallery page to see our portfolio.

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Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are delighted to offer a full range of Sash Window Renovation Services in Brighton. We can help with all your sash window services, whatever size or make your window is our expert craftsmen work with any of them, and are able to give you the highest quality service in the industry.

If you are concerned whether our sash window renovation is right for your home, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton can provide you with an obligation-free quote on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Double Glaze Existing Sash Windows?

A lot of homeowners worry that double glazing a sash window will make the window frame so big that it won’t be able to open. The fact is that it’s usually possible to double glaze and not only keep the window the original size, but also to open and close with ease. It’s all down to getting in touch with a skilled sash window renovator such as Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton.

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

Yes. We will send a surveyor to your property during the quoting process. Based on our findings, any new windows you order will be made to measure and designed to exactly match your existing window frames including colour, detailed mouldings and joinery.

What happens if I find a fault after you leave?

If you have any concerns about your sash after we have finished carrying out the work, you can phone us at any time. We know how important it is to keep even our biggest fans happy so we will do everything in our power to sort out problems and give you complete peace of mind. There’s no need to worry – we’ll be there whenever you need us!

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