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Victorian sash windows are a traditional yet stylish window that are considered the epitome of quality. Each beautiful glazed frame is individually crafted with true beauty, functionality and heritage in mind.

Ace Sash Windows Brighton is a professional Victorian sash window company in Brighton that specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of high-quality Victorian sash windows. We undertake both commercial and residential projects, supplying customers throughout the entire UK with bespoke sashes.

We have been supplying and installing professional quality sash windows to Brighton and for over 10 years. Not only can we replace and repair your existing sash windows but we can also install new period sash windows designed to keep out the cold and bring in the light.

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, you will receive a highly trained team of window professionals who are able to carry out all aspects of window work from sash repairs to new builds or replacement windows.

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What are Victorian Sash Windows?

Victorian Sash Windows are the most common type of window throughout Great Britain. Particularly found on older properties, they represent an era of craftsmanship and quality that is hard to replicate in modern day windows. Victorian sash windows are unique in design and were extremely popular during the Victorian era of architecture, making a spectacular comeback in recent years. They can be operable or fixed with wooden window weights and were often fitted into larger openings when houses started to have double glazing installed.

They are now also finding their way onto properties built in the early 1900s with a nod to that period’s golden age of architecture.

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Why Choose Victorian Sash Windows?

A Victorian era sash window is a beautiful addition to any property. They are often described as having a distinctive and elegant feel which makes them very popular with customers looking for an original, well made and hygienic option.

Most of the Victorian Sash Windows in Brighton were installed in the mid 19th century because they were fashionable then and they’re still in use today. Even if made of wood, they are extremely durable.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton is a profitable, family run company that has been installing windows in Brighton for over 10 years, offering friendly service and a professional approach to the trade and work with some of the best materials available for any window installation requirements. Below are some cogent reasons to choose Victorian Sash Windows for your property:

The looks are timeless

Are you tired of those typical rectangular windows of today? Then switch back to a Victorian Sash Window. They’re very easy to install, and they will make your home like a dream come true.

With the timeless looks, you can get either square or rectangular options which are available in white and brown colors only. Windows like these will surely be a huge asset for your home.

A catalogue of victorian windows

Are you in the process of planning for extension? If yes, then you should definitely consider Victorian sash windows. Their unique range of window types and sizes makes them ideal for creating interesting interior spaces in your home.

Modern performance meets historic sash style

Sash windows are the most traditional of window types and the most familiar to most Brightons. They’re also known for their ability to improve a room’s acoustics and provide a unique, stylish touch to any home. So why don’t you make space for an old-school style in your space? Our sash windows offer a number of useful features that will help you get more out of your property, whatever your project.


Draught-Proofed windows are an ideal method of reducing energy bills without compromising your home. Draught Proofing is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce heating and cooling costs in a Victorian home without doing much work. The process involves simply pairing up the correct pair of sashes, which allows you to control both air supply and heat loss.

Noise reduction

Windows have always had an important role in protecting the people inside a building from the elements. They can also do a great job of keeping noise out. The traditional Victorian Sash Window can reduce noise levels by up to 60%. This results in less noise pollution and gives you a quiet place to work or rest. Noise pollution is now being recognized as a key contributor towards health issues, depression, increased stress levels and even weight gain.

Enhanced home security

There are a number of different benefits that you’ll get with Victorian Sash Windows, but one area that stands out is the security. These windows are known for being tough, and as a result they won’t be easy to break into. This will protect you from all manner of criminals around the home, and it can even improve your home insurance policy too. There will also be less chance of burglaries if intruders think that it would be too difficult to enter your property.

Impressive thermal performance

Victorian sash windows are incredibly energy-efficient, historically-inspired and safe, practical and easy to use. With exceptional thermal performance, they’re also fantastic for reducing your home heating bills and provide you with the attractive features that make a house unique. Call us now on 01273 257 597 to have a professional look at your Victorian sash windows.

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Our Victorian Sash Windows Glazing Options

Double Glazing

Double glazing sash windows are extremely popular for both commercial and domestic properties due to their high energy efficiency, longevity and contemporary good looks. Our double glazing sash Windows include energy saving double glazed units and wooden frame, a self cleaning exterior pane and advanced locking system. A range of beautiful shapes and designs are available so that you can pick the style right for your home.

With double glazing, UV rays from ultraviolet rays are blocked, making your property more secure. And finally, when installed by our professionals who have the right experience and expertise ─ it can also make your home insurance cheaper as it helps to prevent break-ins.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is a sensible way to reduce heat lost through your windows and have much more comfortable home comfort.

We offer a range of sash window options for your convenience, including both manual and fully-automatic mechanisms, with thermal breaks. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your new sash window products.

We’re the leaders in triple glazing, specialising in making your new windows last longer by restoring their thermal efficiency and increasing the security. Our triple glazing process preserves the window seal, strengthens them using a high-tech glass material, and reduces noise levels.

A triple glazed sash window offers a great compromise between price and thermal performance (R-value). It does most of the work of a double glazed window, but at a lower cost. Our triple glazed sash windows have an R-value of just over 5.5 which is very respectable considering 3mm of additional glass has been added to each pane.

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Our Victorian Sash Window Services in Brighton

Victorian Sash Windows Installation

If you are in need of a professional sash window installer in Brighton, then choose our Victorian sash windows service for professional and affordable solutions. We take pride in every job we do, and aim to provide the highest standard of service.

Victorian Sash Windows Replacement

Through the expertise of our team of skilled sash window experts, we can offer a complete replacement service for your sash windows. This ensures that your windows are as effective as they were when they were first installed around Victorian times.

Victorian Sash Windows Repair

We have a wide range of experience in offering a range of works and services. If you’re looking to trade up to more modern windows, or are looking for a specialist sash window repair then look no further. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the works we carry out.

Victorian Sash Windows Restoration

At Victorian Sash Windows Brighton, we are passionate about providing a bespoke service for your home based on over 10 years of experience. We can restore original features or offer contemporary alternatives, and if you’re looking to purchase new windows to complement the rest of your property we can advise you on style and type.

With our wealth of experience and modern techniques in sash window restoration we provide a first class finish to the entire project.

Victorian Sash Windows Draught Proofing

If you’re looking for sash window draught proofing in Brighton, we have been transforming homes for many years. We can help to stop draughts and improve air quality and comfort in any room of your home.

Victorian Sash Windows Sound-Proofing

Our range of soundproofing sash window products are the best ways to enhance your property’s visual appeal and acoustics. We offer two types of sash soundproofing—decorative and protective. Both options are easy to maintain and look amazing. We also sell new products as well as refurbish existing ones.

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Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors for Your Victorian Sash Windows Services in Brighton?

Many years of experience

Trade Timber Windows and Doors have been around for over 10 years. We are a skilled and trusted company that is passionate about providing the best possible product.


Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has a guarantee to give you 10 years service, as well as a guarantee that if you need maintenance during this period that you will be called out within 24 hours.

Approved By Checkatrade and FENSA

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are proud to be one of only approved by Checkatrade and FENSA.

Having built a solid reputation in the community through our ethical work practices and strong business ethos, we’re perfectly positioned to offer comprehensive sash window installation services that you can trust.

Competitively priced

Our prices reflect the quality of our windows, frames and materials. We don’t have an expensive network or marketing campaign to cover – so we can deliver outstanding products without the humdrum of overhead. All prices include delivery, fitting, VAT and labour.

Exceptional customer service

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton pride themselves on providing the highest quality and most reliable products in their field. We treat every customer as if they were our only customer, offering no-obligation quotes and exemplary customer service to create a lasting relationship that’s built on trust.

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Where traditional sash windows have been around for hundreds of years, the replacement of your window will be as beautiful as the original, but with all the added advantages modern technology can offer. To download a free copy of our brochure, click here so you can get started.

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How do I soundproof my Victorian sash windows?

Before soundproofing a single window, please ensure all windows in your home are sealed and draught-proofed; this will make the process more effective. To soundproof a sash window, we suggest fitting an interliner to the face of the lower section of the sash window. Add additional insulation on the wall behind where you plan on putting the cradle.

Do Victorian sash windows last long?

While it is impossible to give a definitive lifespan for your Victorian sash windows, we can advise that it will depend upon the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used to construct your windows.

How do you dress a Victorian sash window?

To dress a Victorian sash window, first you’ve got to get an exterior wooden frame. The best wood for that is pine or fir. Next, you’ll need to make a plaster frame of your own and put it in between the window and the old wooden siding. Then, apply plaster on one side of the inside of the exterior frame, then lay the sash windows back into the exterior frame with the plaster already applied.
The Victorian sash window should fit better into position than before, but you will probably have to apply a glaze to preserve it from water damage later on.

How do you clean a Victorian sash window?

To properly clean a Victorian sash window, consider a lightweight duster, a soft bristle block and a vacuum cleaner with a small head attachment – this will allow you to get into all the corners. For blockages in the frame, use an old toothbrush which can more easily reach through smaller spaces.

Are my Victorian sash windows guaranteed for life?

Yes, if properly maintained Victorian sash windows are engineered to last a lifetime. We have a team of window experts in store and via our customer service centre to help you with your sash window needs. Our expert window fitters will be available to carry out any work required on your property.

Can your guarantee be in the form of a written contract?

Yes, our guarantee can be provided in the form of a written contract. We can provide you with a sample contract that you can make any changes you would like to meet your requirements.

Are Victorian sash windows popular?

The answer is yes, quite popular indeed. They have become more so in recent years. For all the windows a person has, they want to be certain that they are always well-functioning. However, there is much more to it as people also tend to like individuality when it comes to such things as windows and that means something special. Many people feel that sash windows with Victorian frames are something special and they want their houses to have them.

Are Victorian Windows expensive?

Not at all. High-quality crafted exterior products are typically more expensive than their commodity counterparts. However, with Victorian Windows, you can have the same materials and craftsmanship without paying premium prices.

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