Nothing disrupts a home’s comfort and value like draughty windows. But how do you know for sure just how bad the problem is? You can’t see cold air coming through cracks and crevices. And you may not realise it, but those cracks and crevices are all around your home.

When the time comes to replace your old, outdated windows, there are ways to tell if they really need replaced. According to our experts, this is when you should contact our service provider to get an estimate on how much you need to spend on new windows for your home. Here are six signs that show the need for replacing your existing windows.

High energy bills – rising heating and cooling costs

The old windows in your home may make you pay much higher than you should. High energy bills show it’s time to invest in better windows for less money. Heating and cooling costs will drop by as much as 25% with new windows.

Poor window operation – difficulty opening, closing and locking windows

It’s a fact of life that all things eventually wear out. And with windows, the signs that show it needs replacement often start imperceptibly—like with a window that sticks or won’t close properly. Windows have a long life, but if they’re not properly maintained, they may become difficult to operate. If you’ve got difficulty opening, closing and locking your windows, take the time to get them checked. New windows can add both style and value to your home.

Decaying frames and leaky windows

If you are uncomfortable with the way your windows look or feel – then it is likely time to think about replacing them. Regular repairs may work short term, but the window frames will waste away in time and they leave you susceptible to leaks.

Poor soundproofing

Poor soundproofing is a common problem with old building windows. If you hear noise coming from an area of your house that doesn’t correspond, it may be the result of poor soundproofing. Soundproofing is key when it comes to a good night’s sleep and restful days.

Draughts on windy days

Ever feel like it’s cold wherever you are, day or night? You probably aren’t alone. Often the source of this problem is windows – windows that leak air as a result of damaged or poorly installed sealant, windows with old glass or seals, and even windows that are missing them completely. If you can hear the wind whistling through your home, all bets are off. It’s time to install new windows. It’s important to make sure your home stays comfortable throughout the seasons.

You don’t have double glazing

New double glazing reduces noise and makes homes warmer and more energy-efficient. It also has greater security, can prevent condensation forming, is healthier to live in, and creates a better environment for plants and animals outside houses made from glass.

What are the Benefits of Replacing Failing Windows?

Improve the look of your property and increase its value

Many people don’t realise that new windows can make a home look cleaner and newer. In fact, by adding new windows you can increase the value of your property by up to 10%. Having windows replaced isn’t just good for the look of your home, either, it can also be great for your wallet. Upgrading your windows to include double or triple glazing can save you up to 30% on heating and cooling bills.

Increase the amount of natural light getting into your home.

By renewing your property’s windows you can drastically cut down the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your house over the course of a year. If you are in need of window replacement services, look no further than Trade Timber Windows and Doors Sash Windows Brighton. Our professionals will come assess your home, choose the proper glass and frame to fit your needs and ensure that installation is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Keeping your family comfortable

Keep your family comfortable all year round, and keep your energy bills under control by investing in high-performing replacement windows. Whether you’ve noticed a problem with a single window or are looking to fully replace every window in your home, buying new windows can help to reduce heat loss as well as inhibit the flow of dirt into your home from outdoors.

Lowering energy bills

When it comes to property – the home in which you live – there are only a few items that can have quite the impact on your lifestyle as replacing windows. New windows can lower your utility bills, increase the value of your property and make a statement about who you are.

Reducing outdoor noise

With aging windows comes a lot of noise. It can be hard to concentrate on tasks at hand or enjoy time with family. Plus, aged windows cannot be properly insulated from Climate Change and the elements, leaving homeowners susceptible to all kinds of indoor air quality issues. If you’re ready to get your house in ship shape and reduce operating costs, one way to do it is through window

Improving home security

Home security is a top priority for most people, and installing energy efficient windows could be the first step in improving home security. If you’re worried about break-ins or home invasions, replacing your old windows will improve the home security immensely.

Quality windows are worth their weight in gold. You could pay a premium price for your windows and feel secure about your investment


Should You Replace All Windows at Once?

Homeowners often wonder if they should replace all of their home’s windows at once or do window replacements gradually. In fact, there are some advantages to doing it all at once, and some disadvantages to planning a phased-in replacement process. By replacing all existing windows at once, you are able to easily upgrade the entire room or home. Replacing a single window can get expensive, so upgrading all your windows at once will help keep the cost down.

Why is my home not comfortable and energy efficient as it is before?

If this is you, then it’s time for some new windows that can do a better job of keeping your house at the temperature you want. Newer windows are more energy efficient than older models because they have much tighter seals and better insulation.

How Messy Is Window Replacement?

Window replacement can be dirty, dusty and labor intensive. Use an expert to minimise dirt and dust with our pro window installation service.

Should You Replace Windows or Siding First?

If you're planning to replace either your siding or your windows, you're likely wondering which one should go first. Windows and siding both play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, security and comfort of your home, but the right replacement strategy will be different for each.