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Sash windows that bring back the elegance, charm, and character of your home

Sash windows have always been one of the most common types of windows in the UK, and Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton are the best in Brighton for installing them, whatever the project!

Whatever your requirements, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton can provide you with sashes that will perfectly complement your home.

Whether you need a refurbishment or complete overhaul or want to increase or decrease the amount of glass in your home, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton can ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. With over 20 years of experience, it’s no surprise that Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton has become Brighton’s expert on all things sash windows.

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Our Wide Variety of High-Quality Sash Windows

Here at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we offer a wide variety of high-quality sash windows. If you’re in the Brighton area and are looking for a new set of windows, we can help you with:

Heritage Sash Windows

Heritage Sash Windows have an elegant and classy look that’s perfect for any home. They are made from custom-ordered materials, ensuring a top-quality product. Heritage sash windows are perfect for both modern and period homes, and offer antique charm with little to no maintenance. We are proud to stock them at Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, and we invite you to browse our selection of windows now.

New Sash Windows Brighton

We offer a wide variety of new sash windows in Brighton, so the choice depends on what you want in your home. Our casement windows are ideal for smaller rooms, or where there is less space, and our tilt and turn sash windows work well in larger rooms such as kitchens and bedrooms. We also have offers on new energy-efficient sash windows and we can install them for you too. Call us today to find out more!

Timber Sash Windows Brighton

Timber sash windows have been used as a means of ventilation and light in buildings since the 12th century. With their classic design, timber sash windows still remain popular today and are available in various colours and styles to suit your home. The versatility of wood means it can be painted or stained any colour you choose or left unpainted for a more natural look.

Box Sash Windows Brighton

Box Sash Window is a traditional sash window style, with panes of glass held within a wooden frame. Our box sashes are available as traditional leaded lights or modern acrylic glazed. A classic look, perfect for period properties.

Sliding Sash Windows Brighton

Sliding sash windows are a unique style of the window; as the name suggests, they slide vertically up and down instead of opening horizontally. We offer three types of sliding sash windows in Brighton: Side Hung, Top Hung and Bottom Hung. We can also offer a fully bespoke solution if you have any special requirements.

Bespoke Sash Windows Brighton

We offer a range of bespoke sash windows in Brighton designed to meet your specific requirements. Our expert craftsmen take care to ensure that every aspect of our restoration is completed in a professional manner, including the careful selection of materials and expert fitting techniques. At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton, we look forward to helping you achieve the look you’ve been searching for with our unique period window frames and styles.

Casement Windows Brighton

Casement windows are a traditional form of sash window that was first invented in the 18th century and received an upgrade in the Victorian period when they were given metal cranks so that you could open the window from both the top and bottom. Casement windows are built using frames with leaves held against them by hinges.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Sash Windows Services In Brighton

At Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton In Brighton, we are dedicated to the high-quality installation of sash windows in Brighton and the surrounding areas. We have installed numerous sash windows for customers, ranging from single window installation to complete property refurbishments. Here are our major sash windows services in Brighton:

Sash Windows Installation

You want your home to feel like a home, with all the personality and atmosphere that comes with living.

From traditional sash windows to modern pocket or sliding sash windows and doors, we can provide full-service installations for both residential and commercial properties in and around the Brighton area.

Working with our expert team is easy – it’s all about communication and value, and you’ll have full access to our on-site project managers who will advise you every step of the way. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident that we can deliver what you’re looking for.

Old Sash Windows Restoration Service

We can restore your old sash window to its original function or modernise it with designs to suit your specifications. Whether you want the original sash look or you want new, larger panes of glass for better insulation, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Sash Windows Brighton can help you choose the best solution for obsolete and damaged windows.

Sash Windows Replacement In Brighton

In Brighton, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton offers a professional Sash Window replacement, whether you’re looking to replace your old sashes with new white sashes or want to install a new window on your property. We can also supply and fit all types of external glazing solutions if you are looking for a more attractive appearance.

Sash Windows Refurbishment In Brighton

We’re a team of craftsmen, trained to refurbish traditional sash windows in Brighton. We provide high-quality sash window restoration services using traditional building methods and materials so that you can enjoy the benefits of well-maintained windows for the longest time possible.

Sash Windows Renovation In Brighton

If you have sash windows in need of renovation in Brighton, Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton can assist. No matter the size of the project, our expert craftsmen will be able to offer you a service that compliments your home perfectly.

Contact us on 01273 257 597 to discuss your window renovation plans in greater detail over the phone or through our online contact form.

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Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Timber Sash Window Styles

Explore the Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Timber Sash Window Style Range and find your perfect match. From traditional to contemporary designs, our innovative products have been handcrafted from timber and finished to perfection.

Georgian Sash Windows Brighton

The Georgian sash window frame is both attractive and useful. We improved the original design to make it easier to clean and to make it endure longer. All types come with security bars and easy glide stay-open sashes (where applicable).

Edwardian Sash Windows Brighton

Our Edwardian sash windows will give your home architectural interest and a sense of timelessness. Any home or building will benefit from the delicate bevels and casings, elegant sash cords, leaded glass, and brass trim.

Victorian Sash Windows Brighton

A Victorian sash window frame is a great alternative for homeowners that live in a conversation area or want to add some vigour to their decor. Victorian sash windows are available in a variety of styles and colours, making them suited for both period and contemporary homes.

Traditional Sash Windows Brighton

When it comes to conventional sash windows, there are numerous types and patterns to pick from. Traditional sash windows, which are energy-efficient and soundproof and assist to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer, are made at our Brighton facility and are ideal for conversation area properties.

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Sash Windows Glazing Options In Brighton

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Sash Windows glazing in Brighton is available in options such as Double Glazing and Triple Glazing. The most popular options are double glazed sashes which help you cut down on energy bills.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Double Glazed Sash Windows are an attractive window which is designed to improve the thermal performance of your home while preserving traditional looks and making the most of natural light. Double Glazed Sash Windows will reduce fuel bills by up to 40% by stopping heat losses.

Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing allows you to reduce sound and stay warmer in your home. We accomplish this by using three panes of glass, instead of one pane. The additional panes enable the space between them to have air trapped inside, which acts as insulation. This helps reduce sound and keeps your home warm during the winter months.

Why Choose Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton Windows in Brighton?

Trade Timber Windows and Doors Brighton windows in Brighton are the number 1 window choice for homeowners, builders, and developers. We offer quality, affordable windows that are manufactured to the highest industry standards in a variety of styles. Our team of expert contractors will provide you with outstanding customer service and personal attention throughout your entire project. Here are more reasons to choose us:

  • Vast Experience In Brighton, East Sussex & West Sussex
  • Attention To Detail
  • Premium-Quality Products
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • The Brighton Sash Window Experts

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What is the difference between a sash window and a double-hung window?

One fixed (non-movable) sash and one operable (movable) sash make up a single-hung window. Two operable (movable) sashes make up a double-hung window.

Do sash windows open fully?

Any window that does not open on a hinge is referred to as a sash window. There isn’t any outward movement. Instead, sash windows slide vertically or horizontally to let in the fresh air, with the majority of them opening vertically in the past. Two sashes normally make up a standard sliding sash window.

How do Traditional Sash Windows Work?

Two movable parts, commonly known as sashes, make up a traditional sash window. A pulley and weight mechanism inside the window frame allows them to move up and down. A weight inside the window frame counterbalances the weight of a sash when it opens.

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