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Sash Windows That Bring Back the Elegance, Charm & Character of Your Home

Handcrafted in our factory in Brighton with unparalleled attention to detail, our sash windows are lasting works of beauty that will stand the test of time, with multiple upgrades available such as double glazed sash windows to help save energy. Perfect for new homes or renovation projects, our sash windows can be fitted into almost any existing opening, however large or small.

All our sash windows come with a 10-year guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind! Call 01273 257 597 to speak to one of our sash window specialists.

Why Choose Sash Windows?

Beyond simply the classic look, there are a variety of practical advantages to choosing sash windows over other styles.

Beautiful Windows

Sash windows are charming, elegant and stylish. They not only look great on older properties, but they can also be installed in newly built houses. Sash windows are often referred to as ‘traditional’ windows and are a great way of achieving that classic traditional look.

Versatile Design Options

Sash windows can be easily and economically adapted to meet your needs. Their versatile designs allow them to be used in a wide range of applications in residential, commercial, and heritage buildings. We can also provide casement windows. Change your view today and raise a window to a brighter tomorrow.


Sash windows are an efficient way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in summer. Due to their design and construction, sash windows provide superior insulation levels and impressive energy ratings.

Improved Security

Sash windows are very secure as they use locking mechanisms at the bottom and top of the window to keep them closed. The strength and security of sash windows are proved by the fact that they have been in use in homes for hundreds of years.

Noise Reduction

Sash windows can significantly reduce noise levels in your home because it enhances the insulation properties of your current window. The sashes also help dampen high-frequency outside noises such as the sound trucks or the rail system. This can make a big difference in a lively city like Brighton.

Low Maintenance

Sash windows are easy to clean because there are no awkward corners or tiny grooves for dirt to hide in – wipe over when necessary and you’re done. No fiddly latches, either – the sashes slide smoothly on extra-wide runners supported by traditional pulley wheels.

Bespoke Options

With sash windows, homeowners can benefit from custom made-to-measure windows. The exceptional versatility of sash windows means they can be manipulated into an infinite number of different sizes and proportions to fit your home in Brighton.

Ease to Operate

The precise engineering of sash windows means that they are straightforward to operate. The opening, closure and locking all take just a light touch. You pull upwards, and they open in a way that lets you see everything outside.

Eco Friendly

All sash windows are made from renewable wood products in Brighton. This is great for the environment as one tree can provide enough timber to make a family of 4 sash windows and still have some leftover for firewood or to enjoy a picnic beneath it.

Our Guarantee

  • Unrivalled Expertise in Door & Window Glazing
  • Industry-approved Door & Window Glazing
  • High-quality Door & Window Glazing
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Checkatrade Registered
  • Homepro Insured
  • CERTAS Guarantee

Our Range of Carefully Crafted Sash Windows

Heritage Sash Windows

Heritage sash windows embody an elegant regality of form and time-proven functional design. Not just for the beauty, they bring to homes, heritage sash windows are prized for their advanced air-tight construction that is draft-proof and energy-efficient.

New Sash Windows

A new sash window allows you to enjoy all the benefits of sash windows, but without the cost of replacing the old sash windows’ unit or frame. It’s easy to find a style that complements your property when you choose from our wide range of new sash window options, giving you the peace of mind of having reliable new windows.

Timber Sash Windows

Timber sash windows have been the window design of choice for many centuries, and for a good reason; they are made from high-grade hardwood, they provide a superb level of thermal performance, and best of all, they stay in situ.

Box Sash Windows

The heritage of craftsman carpentry meets modern engineering that is durable, proven and increases the warmth of your home. Box sash windows are stylish and practical. Their unique movement mechanism allows them to glide effortlessly open, providing an elegant entrance to your home.

Sliding Sash Windows

With their robust mechanism and clever design, sliding sash windows are much more practical than old-fashioned original windows’ casement and awning windows. They can open in any direction, and there’s no need to tilt them or slide the glass out – they’re simple to operate while you’re standing right in front of them.

Bespoke Sash Windows

Our beautiful bespoke sash windows are handcrafted to fit your exact specifications. They are made from superior quality materials, and the functional handles and locks ensure practicality for years to come. Our bespoke sash windows will help to conserve heat and ease condensation.

Casement Sash Windows

Designed for the extreme demands of modern living, casement sash windows are easy to use, functional and secure. The slim profile gives more room inside, while their premium hardware and superior components provide reliability and peace of mind. Best of all, casements are available in a wide range of styles that suit any type of home architecture.

Our Sash Window Styles

Edwardian Sash Windows

Our Edwardian sash windows promise to add architectural interest and period character to your home. The graceful bevels and casings, leaded glass, and brass detailing provide beautiful character to any home or building.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian sash windows are elegant, stylish and practical. Taking the original design into account, we have used our engineering knowledge to enhance it so that it will last longer and be easier to clean. All models feature front tilt security bars, easy glide stay-open sashes (where appropriate) and large multi-point locking systems security bars.

Victorian Sash Windows

Elegant, relaxed and original, Victorian sash windows are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to inject some vivacity into their decor. Our Victorian sash windows are traditionally styled, single and double glazed, and available in a range of designs and colours, suitable for both period and contemporary properties.

Traditional Sash Windows

Traditional sash windows are the quintessential British window and a thing of beauty, with various styles to choose from. We have over 10 years of experience in making traditional sash windows, which are made in our own Brighton factory and provide you with unrivalled energy efficient and soundproof properties, as well as keeping the heat in your home during the winter and out during the summer.

We Offer a Full Range of Sash Window Accessories

  • Chains
  • Cords
  • Connectors
  • Weights
  • Balances
  • Pulleys
  • Weatherstrippings
  • Beads
  • Frames
  • Bars
  • Horns
  • Lifts
  • Locks
  • Fasteners
  • Handles
  • Eyes
  • Curtains
  • Shutters
  • Limit Stops
  • Brushpiles
  • Trickle Vents
  • Restrictors
  • Glazing Tapes

Our Sash Windows Glazing Options In Brighton

We give a complete glazing service for all types of sash windows in your home, whether new or old. Our trustworthy and experienced glazier will select the best options for your sash windows in line with current health and safety guidelines.

Double Glazing

Our sash window double glazing is perfect for any period property in Brighton. Whether you have traditional wooden sash windows or modern manufactured replacements that require a bespoke solution, our double glazing uses an innovative design to maintain the integrity of your existing sashes and casements.

Triple Glazing

At Ace Sash Windows Brighton, we believe in triple glazing, as this produces the best energy-efficient product. Our sash windows triple glazing ensures your home is sound and secure, benefiting from adequately soundproofed, insulated windows.

Our Sash Windows Services in Brighton

Sash Windows Installation In Brighton

Let Ace Sash Windows Brighton install your sash windows. We offer high-quality sash windows installation services in Brighton locations. We are experienced installers of traditional sash windows, and if we don’t already have the right product for your job, we will design and manufacture one. With over a decade of experience installing sash windows in Brighton, we know exactly what it takes to get them up to scratch.

Sash Windows Restoration In Brighton

Give your home an instant facelift to your existing windows with our expertly crafted sash window restoration and sash window repair services. Restoring a much-loved and used original feature, such as period windows, requires experience, excellent craftsmanship, and superior products. For us, it’s all about making sure that our customers are delighted with their sash window restorations and sash window repairs from start to finish.

Sash Windows Replacement In Brighton

We offer professional, quality sash window replacement service with an enviable record of customer satisfaction. Our sash windows replacement team is available for both local and commercial properties to install new, like-for-like replacements of sash windows.

Our sash windows replacement service is both cost-effective and reliable – with over 10 years of experience, we have everything we need to turn your sash windows into an upgrade rather than a headache.

Sash Windows Maintenance In Brighton

Brighton’s sash windows maintenance service is the quickest and most cost-effective way to keep your sash windows operating smoothly. This is achieved by our professional, highly trained team of technicians that go out the same day when you need service. We take care of your home exactly as we would take care of our own.

Sash Windows Sound-Proofing In Brighton

Ace Sash Windows Brighton offers a unique service that helps eliminate unpleasant noise levels from sash windows in older properties. This process involves replacing the existing sash cords with new, specialised ones. The new cords are wrapped around the pulleys, helping to stabilise them and prevent any loud braking sounds, creating a quiet, secure sash window.

Sash Windows Draught-Proofing In Brighton

Save yourself the time and energy of tracing draughts while by choosing our sash windows draught-proofing service instead. We are sash window experts, and you can rely on our decades of expertise to make sure your windows will be ready for summer amidst a warm, heat-retaining environment.

Our sash windows draught-proofing services help reduce heating bills and increase comfort levels and are ideal for newly installed or old traditional sash windows.

Sash Windows Refurbishment In Brighton

Ace Sash Windows Brighton can refurbish your sash windows to make them look and perform as new. Thanks to our in-depth experience, knowledge and level of craftsmanship of the original features of the windows that we refurbish, nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing a home restored to its former glory and allowed to benefit from twenty-first-century energy-efficient windows fully.

Sash Windows Renovation In Brighton

Our sash windows renovation service provides customers with the highest levels of craftsmanship and workmanship. Whether you have a full-scale renovation planned or just looking to breathe new life into your existing dreary homes, we will work together to create a space that’s suited for your activity level, budget, and schedule. We’ll handle all windows removal, replacement, and soundproofing service, leaving you with an expertly redone space.

Our Sash Windows Gallery

We welcome you to select your sash window designs, and all windows are available with a choice of glazing and styles so that you can decide if you want your sash windows to open outwards or inwards. The sash windows gallery features a number of our sash window range, so please click on the link below to be taken directly to the window gallery page.

Why Choose Ace Sash Windows Brighton?

Made to Order

Our bespoke sash windows are individually made to your design and specification. As no two properties are the same, our skilled team of craftsmen and women will consider your requirements, ensuring the finished product is tailored to your intended use and will offer a romantic vintage appeal.

Attention to Detail

All of the products in our sash window collection are individually handmade. This attention to detail ensures that each window is a work of art in its own right. Every detail has been carefully considered, from handcrafted casings to precision glide mechanisms and historically accurate paint finishes, resulting in truly unique sash windows.

Vast Experience In Brighton And East Sussex

With over a decade of experience working with traditional materials and craftsmen trained to restore, refurbish, and maintain historic properties, Ace Sash Windows Brighton is one of the best in the field of sash windows. Available in various sizes, styles, and configurations to suit any need or style, our sash window systems will add beauty, value, and protection to your home. Our products are proudly handmade in Brighton, UK.

Premium-Quality Products

Ace Sash Windows Brighton is an innovative and traditional company. We have been setting the standard for high quality, bespoke sash windows and doors since 2010. We are made up of a dedicated team who work within industry recognised training systems, ensuring consistent quality in all that we do. Our advanced computerised manufacturing facility can offer a vast range of products to match your exact requirements.

Free Quotation

Ace Sash Windows Brighton offers a free window quotation to give you an idea of the cost-benefit of your home improvement project. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent value and quality products and services. We aim to become your first choice when it comes to buying replacement windows.

Competitively Priced

At Ace Sash Windows Brighton, we believe in providing a professional and affordable service that we would expect for ourselves. We have gathered over 10 years of experience installing high-quality sash windows. Our reputation has been built on providing our customers with excellent service at an affordable price.

Request for a FREE Quote

For over two decades, Ace Sash Windows Brighton has been making it easy to bring new life to your existing sashes – all you need is our specialist expertise in constructing and renovating period sash windows. We offer a free survey and advice on all aspects of our products and services, so feel free to ring today. To find out more about our services, get free quotations, or arrange an appointment, call this number 01273 257 597.

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